Development of software and marketing solutions

We provide services for development, testing, and maintenance of software on request.
To do this we do business analysis and on the basis of market research form a strategy for the integrated business presence on the Internet.

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About us


We are experts in software development. We have dedicated specialists for every stage of software development: designers, testers, page-proofers, analysts, managers and programmers.


We love our job and we are into it! We polish projects until they are perfect. Sometimes even too perfect =)


We are a small, yet efficient team. We have no idea about bureaucracy and make our decisions at the speed of light. We do not have a bloated staff, an office in the downtown and an army of secretaries, so our clients can save a lot for their projects.

Focus on clients and their needs

You have a dedicated manager during the development process who can be contacted any time. With a contract you get a guarantee on all kinds of related services and support after the development is complete.

Personal approach

We are not into development of single type products. All our projects are unique and solve specific client needs.

We generate profit

We carefully analyze the scope of activities our clients and their competitors, market area leaders, target audience and then we offer the best and most efficient solution. We do our best to bring your clients right to you.


Sites and web applications development

Mobile application development

Desktop application development

Database development

Internet promotion and advertising

Design and corporate identity

Our projects

Below you can find examples of our works.


We are at your service and will be glad to work with you as well. Call us, write us, send us a message from our site and we will promptly contact you back.

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